The 10 steps to professional glass engraving

  1. We design the project on screen using an art/graphics programme, and recreate any images and logos. 
  2. The finished design is printed onto a transparent film.

  3. We use a high powered UV lamp to create a 'stencil' on a flexible, sticky, light-sensitive material, using the film as a negative.

  4. Next the stencil is washed out by hand using a high powered water jet.

  5. Once dry, the stencil is applied to the surface of the glass.

  6. The remainder of the exposed glass is masked to protect it.

  7. Next we etch the design onto the glass by hand inside a special cabinet, using compressed air and a very fine abrasive powder. 

  8. Once the etching is complete, the glass is soaked in warm water to remove the remains of the stencil and the masking.

  9. At this point, a gold or silver fill can be introduced if required.

  10. Finally, after the finished article has passed our strict quality control, it is cleaned and polished ready for display.